Small business owners in the Charlotte area are starting to get loans


“I tell people not to lose faith, it’s a process to actually get the money.”

CHARLOTTE, NC – There’s some good news for small business owners in the Charlotte area waiting for government money – checks are on the way.

We’ve been hearing about money for weeks to help small businesses get their staff back, and now we’re learning that money is moving.

“It’s happening here in Charlotte and I just want people to persevere,” said Nesha Pai.

Pai is an accountant in Charlotte who runs a small business – she was one of the first to apply for government aid, and she just got it.

“I got part of the $ 10,000 grant over the weekend,” she said. “It just showed up in my bank account – that’s the EIDL loan.”

But she says it wasn’t the full $ 10,000 we all heard about. She says the government has just announced that the amount will vary based on the number of your employees.

“There are four of us and I got $ 5,000 out of the $ 10,000,” she said. “So I have no idea how they came up with this amount and I was just happy to get it all.”

It was enough that she could get all of her employees back on board.

“I’ve never had to let go of anyone or pay anyone, like the rest of the employers, it was devastating,” said Pai. “Now that I can hire her again, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Not only does she run a small business, but most of her clients are small businesses too – restaurants and salons – and she helps them apply for credit too.

“Besides, you’re an accountant or a lawyer, that’s all most people can barely understand,” Pai said. “I tell people not to lose faith that getting the money is a process.”

But she says she is the proof – the process works.

“I want people to know that this is real and that it is happening,” Pai said.

Pai says most of their customers are still waiting to see if and how much money to get, but we’ve also heard from a handful of local business owners who say they just learned they weren’t getting anything.

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