Stefanik explains why she will object to the election of the electoral college


ALBANY – US MP Elise Stefanik issued an 840-word statement Wednesday morning explaining why she will object to the Electoral College certification vote in Congress.

The Congresswoman highlighted “unconstitutional irregularities” in Michigan and a number of other allegations that have been debunked or rejected by courts among reasons she joins several Republican colleagues in helping President Donald J. Trump.

Here is the full statement:

“Today we are seeing democracy at work. Unfortunately, this is not what some of our colleagues have said recklessly; this debate is fundamental to our democracy. The representatives of the American people in this House advocate three fundamental” American beliefs: The right to vote is sacred, MPs have a duty to represent their voters, and the rule of law is a hallmark of our nation. “

“The above words are not mine. You are that of Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the Democrats’ appeal against the certification of President George W. Bush’s electoral college in 2005.

“In her speech, Spokeswoman Pelosi said:” Our democracy depends on the confidence of the American people in the integrity of our electoral system. So, my colleagues, please don’t talk about a conspiracy theory, it’s not about that, it’s not about conspiracy. It’s about the United States Constitution. “

“Sixteen years later, this discussion is still about the Constitution. It’s still about the American people. And I believe the House of Representatives should have this debate all over again. I believe the American people deserve it.

“I feel honored every day, the 21st

“Today I will respectfully disagree with the controversial voters from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. I do not take this measure lightly. I am acting to protect our democratic process and the Constitution. The Constitution makes it clear that if I believe that there are serious issues relating to the presidential elections, I have an obligation to take action on this matter.

“I think these questions exist. Ten million Americans are rightly concerned that the 2020 election featured unprecedented voting irregularities, unconstitutional violations by unelected state officials and judges who violate state election laws, and a fundamental lack of ballot integrity and security.

“In Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court and the Democratic State Secretary of State unilaterally and unconstitutionally rewrote the electoral law that removed signature-matching requirements and banned voting and counting – another unconstitutional act.

“In Georgia there were unconstitutional attacks when the Foreign Minister unilaterally withdrew the signature checks for postal votes and essentially abolished the voter verification required by the state election law. In addition, more than 140,000 votes came from underage, deceased, and otherwise unauthorized voters – – in Fulton County alone, and many people testified that they were unable to properly observe the ballot count.

“In Wisconsin, partisan state officials enacted rules to circumvent a state law – passed by the Legislature, as required by the Constitution – that requires postal voters to produce photo identification before receiving a ballot. It is also a fact that the law of the State of Wisconsin can only return postal ballots by mail or drop them in person to the secretary’s office – but the City of Madison illegally hosted multiple venues to collect more than 17,000 ballots.

“In Michigan, many individuals have signed affidavits documenting the unconstitutional irregularities they have experienced – officials physically blocking the legal right of election observers to watch the vote count, late ballot counting, hand-stamping the previous day’s date, and more more these illegal, alarming and reprehensible acts have never been examined by a court.

“These unconstitutional acts are why I am filing an objection today.

“I know that my constituents in the north of the country value the Constitution, and they know that the Constitution gives pen power to those closest to the people — the state legislatures — to make electoral laws. It is not the legal right of unelected bureaucrats, judges, governors or state secretaries.

“To the tens of thousands of voters who have turned to me in the past few weeks – please know that I am listening and I am listening. I believe the most valuable foundation and the covenant of our republic is the right to vote. and, consequently, the belief in the sanctity of our nation’s free and fair elections.

“Today my vote is about restoring the confidence of the American people in our elections – that it will be free, fair, safe and consistent with the United States Constitution. Our constitutional republic will endure this important debate today because the founding fathers knew Congress. ”We will hold out because we did so after my colleagues in the Democratic House of Representatives objected to almost every single Republican president during my lifetime – 1989, 2001 , 2005 and 2017. The United States of America has gone through every election since its inception and ratification of the 1788 Constitution – and therefore America will forever be the Shining City on a Hill. “

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