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(FOX NEWS) – A woman in Minneapolis wants to help other brides feel special on their wedding day by borrowing her designer gown.

Last week Tina Nguyen posted a photo of her wedding dress on the Facebook marketplace and offered to lend it to other women for free.

“I absolutely loved my wedding dress, it was one of the best parts of being bride,” she wrote in her ad. “If you are planning your wedding or you know someone who cannot afford a wedding dress, please contact me. I’ll lend the bride my dress for her big day. “

The dress was a Paloma Blanca, she said in her ad. It consists of three layers of silk and costs more than $ 2,000, according to Minneapolis’ television station KARE 11.

Nguyen wore the dress when she got married last year and decided to lend it to other brides to “just do something,” she told KARE 11.

She stated that while she was seeing all the bad news about the coronavirus and rioting, she was also seeing good news – for example, that her friends got engaged.

“You’re going through this whole pandemic thing,” she told the broadcaster. “You know the economics of saying, ‘Oh my god, you know, we have to change our plans’ and all of that. ‘Do we even have a wedding?’ And with that, you know to buy a dress like, ‘How does it work? Is it safe?’ “

When she thought about her friends, it became clear to her: “I have a pretty sweet wedding dress that is in my closet right now.”

She herself received the dress as a gift from an American family that she “adopted” after graduating from the University of Augsburg.

Nguyen is a Vietnamese immigrant in the United States and told KARE 11 that when she was planning her wedding, she tried her dress on and knew it was the perfect dress, but it was also quite expensive.

However, her “adoptive family” helped her get it.

“I thought about what a privilege it was for me to do this and have this opportunity,” she said. “And that’s why I’m doing it, isn’t it? It’s such a privileged day that so many people couldn’t and of course a lot of people are struggling with it right now.”

According to KARE 11, “several people” have already shown an interest in Nguyen’s ad with the title “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Dress”.

She told the broadcaster that she would like to lend her dress to as many brides as possible.

“I just want to offer it and just share the joy,” she said. “I felt like a bride. I wanted that for all the other brides out there, especially at this time, I want that for them.”

Nguyen even went a step further and started a Facebook group on Friday for other brides who want to do the same.

“This group is for everyone who wants to offer their wedding dress for upcoming brides and spread the love!” She wrote in one of the posts. “Please do not hesitate to publish the clothes you offer here with your link to the Facebook marketplace or other social media sites that you use to spread the love.”

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