Best Instagram spots in Newport from Bowen’s Wharf to Brenton Point


There’s a joke among social media users that goes something like this: If you didn’t take a picture of your trip and uploaded it to the internet, did you even go?

While not everyone is an Instagram junkie with a perfectly curated feed, most people like to have a good photo of their whereabouts to show to friends and family. Fortunately, Newport County has several spots to fit into anyone’s social media aesthetic.

We’ve put together four spots that will be the envy of those who scroll through your feed.

Bowens Wharf

Bowen’s Wharf, one of the most iconic nautical areas in Newport, is a great place to find storefronts and scenery that capture the essence of Newport’s New England coastline. If food photography is more of your speed, try an iconic lobster bun from The Lobster Bar or a Del’s Lemonade for extra Rhode Island brownie points.

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Castle Hill Lighthouse

If you want the seaside town vibe without the maximalist details of Bowen’s Wharf, Castle Hill and its lighthouse are great spots for portraits and simple landscape photography. If a lighthouse doesn’t quite make it, there are seven other historic lighthouses in Newport County, including the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown and the Newport Harbor Light (although you can’t step inside the latter).

Castle Hill Light got a repaint this summer courtesy of the Castle Hill Inn.

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The breakers

Arguably the most famous of Newport’s eleven “summer cottages,” The Breakers and its lawn are popular Instagram locations for recognizable vacation photos. The lavishly gilded interior from the era is also suitable for impressive photo shoots.

The Breakers at dusk.

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Brenton Point Park

This public space on the edge of Ocean Drive is a well-known hang-gliding spot and is also a great place to get beautiful shots of the sunset disappearing behind the waves crashing over the rocks below.

Sunset view from Brenton Point State Park on April 26th.

Cliff hike

Maybe it’s villas that you want to have in the background. Or an oceanic scene as far as the eye can see. A small difference in elevation at 40 paces might fit all of your friends in the shot.

The rocks below the Cliff Walk in Newport.

Whatever you need, the 3.5 mile trail that runs from Memorial Boulevard near Easton’s Beach to Bailey’s Beach has a variety of options to ensure your feed has that Newport feel to it.

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