Irrigation & Green Industry appoints the final winner of the Changing the Landscape Awards


Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine, Fairfax, Virginia, announced the third and final winner of its new Changing the Landscape Awards, which highlight amazing projects by landscape and irrigation professionals. Light Up Nashville LLC, Madison, Tennessee, was named a Landscape Lighting Category Winner, sponsored by Brilliance LED, for a project that used 380 lighting fixtures on a 220,000-square-foot lot.

“The landscape lights submitted demonstrated how dramatically a well-designed layout can change a property,” said Kyle Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Irrigation & Green Industry. “Light Up Nashville has given this property a whole new look on a massive scale. It’s really unbelievable work. “

Pelham McMurry, President and Founder of Light Up Nashville, took on the largest installation he has ever done when he designed and installed a landscape lighting system for the property. He planned in layers to make the most of the mature Japanese maples that were planted around the property to create depth and highlight key elements. He carefully placed lights in the limestone slab of the majestic lion statues that the owner had bought abroad to enhance their effect. After the installation was complete, McMurry took his own photos of the finished project.

“Every time you have to deal with existing lighting and incorporate new, updated lighting is a challenge,” wrote one competition judge. “The property is large with many lighting requirements that any lamp manufactured uses.”

“Congratulations to Pelham McMurray and the team at Light Up Nashville LLC! Light Up Nashville brings magic into the night hours. Every feature in every project is surgically precise, which effectively turns any illuminated vignette into landscaping, ”said Kevin Smith, national technical support and trainer for Brilliance LED. “Pelham and his team are masters at designing and installing landscape lighting. They have the creative vision and technical skills to get the most out of any project. This recognition is really deserved! “

A case study post on Light Up Nashville and the installation has been included in the August 2021 issue of Irrigation & Green Industry magazine, and a podcast with an interview with McMurry will be available on The winner of the landscaping category, sponsored by Trench witch, was announced and presented in the May / June issue. The winner of the Irrigation category, sponsored by Dawn Industries, was presented in the July 2021 edition.

The Changing the Landscape Awards highlighted the achievements of landscape and irrigation professionals in 2019 or 2020. The submitted projects were judged by members of the IGIN editorial board and the winners were selected.

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