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The third edition of The Maltese architecture and spatial planning awards aims to further promote the development of high quality interior and exterior architecture in our country. Awards organizer Peter Gingell explains how this year’s awards have been expanded to cover additional aspects of architectural excellence.

Malta’s architecture is an important part of the national heritage, with structures built throughout the island’s centuries-old history still standing and admired today.

But while these popular buildings from the time of the knights and beyond are justifiably famous, the Maltese modern architecture world also offers quality projects that promise to leave positive marks for decades.

The meticulous work and innovation of the people behind these iconic projects – from established professionals to graduates – are once again both celebrated and highlighted at the Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning Awards. “

The aim of the awards is to recognize the quality work of people from the entire architecture industry for their talent, their specialist knowledge and their craftsmanship, ”explains award organizer Peter Gingell.

“To realize an award-winning project, it takes so much more than is visible on the surface. It’s a team effort that requires time, commitment, expertise, and passion. The awards highlight Malta’s best architecture and space planning world to recognize its contribution to the past, present and future of the industry. “

Launched in 2019 by the Planning Authority under the auspices of the President of Malta, the awards are considered a prestigious calendar event and a sign of excellence in the industry. Architecture and interior design offices benefit from the team experience of submitting their work together. The submission process creates a morale boost and a valuable experience to meet the challenge of getting your story out in the market.

“Almost all of the submissions that we receive are successful design projects in their own right, all of which have the highest distinction in their respective categories in mind. Without these awards, most of these projects go unnoticed and “hidden stories” of the creative local talent we have around us. We believe that there is a better chance to influence and inspire the collective design quality change we need in our built environment when we know best practices, high quality design, architectural excellence and more. Our well-being and our improved quality of life depend on this change, ”emphasizes Gingell.

In addition to increasing credibility with both industry experts and potential customers, each category winner will be presented with an exclusive Kane Cali designer trophy inspired by the angular shapes of Valletta’s famous fortifications. Winners will have the opportunity to participate in a year-long series of branding and PR initiatives.

This year’s awards include important changes to best reflect the dynamic industry it represents. Along with the introduction of new categories and some revisions to the older ones, the third edition will be the first to recognize the general public’s appreciation for beautiful local architecture.

Following feedback from industry stakeholders, the previous rehabilitation and restoration award has been broken down into a prize that only recognizes projects where the main focus was on restoring and maintaining the authenticity of a building / monument. The design award has now been expanded to include buildings / structures that are not only located in an urban environment, but also present good design in a rural or maritime environment. Meanwhile, a new Residential Architecture Award is dedicated to high-quality residential buildings.

The range of the latest awards is even greater than in previous editions. A new Architecture Photography Award is open to anyone in Malta considering photography submissions of local architecture built after 1960. This year, the public can also vote online for the prizes for each project, with the overall winner receiving an additional award.

The awards ceremony for the 2021 edition will be held live on February 26, 2022 at the Teatru Manoel in Valletta in accordance with all current COVID-19 protocols. Submissions for the awards are possible until January 5, 2022, the public vote will take place from January 24 to February 5, 2022. “

The jury evaluates the form, function, innovation, quality, sustainability and energy efficiency of each project in order to determine the winner in each category, ”Gingell concludes. “The awards are an opportunity for both industry newcomers and industry experts to come together and present their quality projects and innovative ideas for the benefit of Malta’s architectural world for many years to come.”

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