Kate Middleton’s Christmas Duet Partner Tom Walker Says Working With Her “Unbelievable”

In recent years, Kate Middleton has provided clues about the new hobbies she has picked up when the pandemic slashed her schedule, from beekeeping to photography. But it came as a surprise last month when the Duchess sat behind the piano and joined the Scottish singer Tom Walker on stage for a performance during Royal Carols: Together for Christmas, the ITV vacation special she hosted at Westminster Abbey.

Walker spoke to the morning show on Wednesday Good morning Great Britain to talk about their surprising collaboration and how it came about. “We held a charity event and talked together, and after that I was asked if I could play the Christmas service,” he said. “The Duchess’s team asked if she could accompany the concert live on the piano – unbelievable.”

In October, Kate attended an event for the Forward Trust, their patronage that helps families with addiction problems, where Walker performed his song “Leave a Light On”. Although Kate was confident on stage as she gave a speech about the impact the pandemic is having on people recovering from addiction, it was on Sky News Rhiannon Mills shared a video showing the Duchess getting a little nervous when she unexpectedly meets Walkers and comedians ant and December In transition.

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A royal source later told Urban and countryside that the meeting led Kate to devise a plan that included her revived appreciation for the piano, which she learned to play as a child but “brought her great comfort” during the lockdowns. “The idea for the performance came from the Duchess. She was impressed by Tom when she met him and heard him play “Leave a Light On” – a song about addict struggles, a subject that you know she is passionate about, “the source said . “He was asked to play at the service, and his Christmas carol ‘For those who can’t be here’, which is of importance to so many this year, struck a nerve with the Duchess as well.”

on Good morning Great Britain, Walker praised her musical skills. “She’s fantastic, a really talented musician,” he said. “We had a top-secret rehearsal to make sure we could both play well together. It was in the Metropolis Studios. “

In a previous conversation with the Sun, Walker noticed that Kate was getting a little stage fright before the big night. “You think the royal family almost doesn’t get nervous, they are so used to the spotlight, but that was obviously a very different, new experience for them,” he said. “We met for a rehearsal beforehand and I gave her a recording of the track without the piano part so that she could practice. It was obvious that she had taken the time to perfect it. She was brilliant.

He said Kate later sent him a thank you. “It was so well received – I probably owe her royalties now. She sent me a letter thanking her for the opportunity, but it should be me to thank her, ”he added. “The song jumped 57 places in the charts. It was a wonderful experience and she was so warm. She went out of her way to thank all the musicians, but it was us who were so grateful to be part of something so special. “

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