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Samsung’s Art Store has an extensive library of artworks thanks to its extensive partnerships with artists and galleries around the world. The partnership with acclaimed digital art gallery and network Saatchi Art has brought home some of the most viewed artworks on the Art Store and is one of Samsung’s oldest partners since the launch of The Frame in 2017.

Based on the partnership with Saatchi Art, Samsung introduced The Frame X Saatchi Art gallery at the 2017 London Design Festival

Samsung Newsroom spoke to Sarah Meller, Senior Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Saatchi Art, about the partnership and the network’s perspective on digital art and the Art Store, to give you a deeper insight into the relationship that the world of virtual Art in a new direction takes stage.

Q: What initially made you want to work with the Art Store?

We wanted to be at the forefront of using technology to bring the world of art to people on a global scale. We felt that partnering with The Frame would make art a more integral part of people’s lives, leading to a greater appreciation for them overall, which is such a good thing.

Q: What piece would you recommend users to enjoy through The Frame’s art mode?

It’s difficult to choose just one. Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson, selected several artworks for The Frame that showcase the versatility of television. As varied and equally stunning as the others, they include everything from Claire Desjardin’s abstract paintings to Dean West’s fine art landscape photography.

If I had to choose a few, I would recommend:

  • Dancer: Gama #0 by Cody Choi: The contemporary photographer and choreographer best known for his stunning, figurative portraits of dancers in motion. As a dancer, Cody is adept at capturing the dynamism and passion of his subjects.

  • boomerang house by Cécile Van Hanja: She is best known for her abstract interpretations of modern architectural spaces. Cécile’s paintings, depicting homes and pools, immediately transport guests to mid-century spaces.

  • Winter warm II by Sandy Dooley: She is an impressionist artist who spontaneously splashes color with vibrant hues that characterize her harmonious landscapes, inspired by memories of growing up in the English countryside.

Q: How do you think the Art Store has evolved since you first partnered with Samsung? Which improvements stand out the most?

Since our partnership with the Art Store in 2017, their selection has grown tremendously, which has been very inspiring. It was wonderful to see iconic institutions like the Musée du Louvre join in and bring museum-quality art into the homes of viewers around the world.

Q: How has Saatchi Art evolved since you first partnered with Samsung?

At Saatchi Art, we support our artists in exploring new media and styles. We have expanded our digital art and NFT offering. And we’re excited because NFTs not only offer artists real practical value, but also give them a new medium to express their creativity. We look forward to developing our mission into this area.

Q: How do you feel about technology changing the way people appreciate art?

Technology has brought us many advantages when it comes to art. While real-world art experiences never will and shouldn’t go away, advances in technology like those in the Art Store are changing the way people access and consume art. Ultimately, these changes lead to more democratization, more diversity, more experimentation and more creativity.

Another advantage of The Frame is the lighting and the resulting colors. Lighting is so important when it comes to displaying art. The fact that The Frame can automatically adjust the screen’s brightness to changing light levels helps preserve the natural colors of the artwork and ensures a great viewing experience for consumers.

To see art from this partnership with Saatchi Art, visit the Art Store on The Frame.

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