JJ Valaya’s new boutique in Delhi boasts palatial opulence

The reception area at The World of Valaya features a large hand-painted portrait of a Rajasthan Maharajah, an Art Deco reception desk made of stained cork, brass and stone, and an Art Deco multi-panel chandelier.

Ash Sahi

“It’s fun to do things differently and with this new space we had to live up to our core DNA – we love big spaces, we love maximalism and we want people to feel warm and welcome. I was blown away when I saw this place – it was love at first sight!” he recalls. There is a regal nomadic sense of grandeur in each of Valaya’s designs, with a penchant for precise and bold art deco-inspired defined geometric shapes paired with bold tones. “We’re in the luxury business and we can’t apologize for that. I’ve always believed that a product is very important, but the aura of the business is just as important. I wanted to create a language in this space without a single word being spoken, with a spectacular facade and interior design and high ceilings where I could play with levels. Essential elements like the chevron pattern, which is a classic in all our designs, echo through the room through the garments, the floor and ceiling, even the jewelry.”

There is also a sense of surprise in every nook and cranny, where intricate details and intricate craftsmanship tell a grand palatial story. There is much to experience that will leave you overwhelmed and impressed at the same time. “I find rooms that are a big hall – very boring. I like creating a sense of mystery, dividing a space by making different spaces where people can wander from corner to corner without knowing what to expect next,” he says.

The JJV Kapurthala Lounge features 20ft ceilings, art deco archway, printed canvas walls and a wall installation based on the concept of Panchdhatu (five metals).

Ash Sahi

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